Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lothian Buses To Launch Hybrid Fleet

Lothian Buses are finally getting around to launching some hybrid buses onto Edinburgh's streets.

From Sunday, all of the buses on the No 10 route will be replaced with brand new diesel-electric hybrids. The company says they chose the No 10 route as it passes through some of the worst air-polluted areas of the city.

They boast that the buses will feature automatic announcements and free WiFi. If the auto announcements are anything like the train ones, I suspect there may be many complaints before they're turned off! They always sound good in a board meeting, but in practice they drive passengers to distraction - particularly if the stops are close together like they are in Edinburgh.

What the buses actually look like seems to be held under lock and key for the moment. I haven't seen an Evening News for a couple of days so I don't know if they've sneaked a picture, but Lothian Buses themselves certainly aren't giving the game away online! I suspect they're these ones from Alexander Dennis's website.

You can see for yourself on Saturday - they'll have a public unveiling on Castle Street between 11am - 3pm, with "free eco-friendly and local gifts". So, organic castle rock??

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