Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your All-New Haymarket Station - Now With Added Blockiness!

Hmm, Scotland's fourth busiest railway station, you say? A beautiful building that's no longer big enough over a station that's seen much better days?

I know, let's just build a huge concrete box behind it!

And so it came to pass - Edinburgh Council Planning Committee today approved these godawful plans for a revamp of Haymarket station by 8 votes to 4.

You can see all of the detailed plans on the council website here, but quite frankly they make me want to weep.

This could become Scotland's "gateway", with visitors flying into Edinburgh airport, catching the tram to Haymarket and then getting a train from there to destinations around the country.

And what are they going to be confronted with when they reach Haymarket? A giant black and grey box.

Where's the wow factor? Where's the architectural merit? Where's the sympathy with the existing understated and beautiful building?

It's going to be a hell of a first impression!

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