Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hell On Wheels

Edinburgh's New Disgrace, the deeply troubled Tram project, has led the news in Scotland all day today after the chairman resigned and started blasting with both barrels at the main contractor.

I gave up trying to defend the whole scheme last year. I think that eventually they'll be wonderful for the city, and I'll always defend more public transport and anything that gets people out of their cars. But the whole thing has been completely mismanaged seemingly from both the contractor and the council side.

But I think I speak for almost every Edinburgh resident when I say: just get the fucking thing finished!


Ally said...

Amen to that.

James Mackenzie said...

I've given up defending the utterly useless SNP/Lib Dem coalition currently trying to stop/deliver the trams. No, wait, I never defended them. Bampots.

The Nats should either have refused to go into government and sniped from opposition, or gone into government and gotten on with it.

I hold them primarily responsible. Worse, locally, even than the Lib Dems, and that's saying something.