Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A New Hotel Proposal I Approve Of!

You know my feelings on new hotels in Edinburgh. It seems that developers in the city have the imagination of a gnat, so that every disused building and gap site to appear is immediately earmarked to become a hotel.

So hold onto your seats - I'm about to approve of a new hotel scheme!

Developers want to turn the old Donaldson's School for the Deaf in Edinburgh into a luxury hotel. The Playfair-designed building has been standing empty for a couple of years since the school moved out.

A hotel would be a good fit for this gorgeous building, and it's hard to see exactly what else could move into the building (an art gallery maybe?) . Plus, converting this into a hotel might mean that the developers do something a bit more interesting with some of the city's gap sites.

I watched Britain's Park Story on BBC Four last night (available for the next 7 days on iPlayer here) which featured at one point Mile End Park, an inner-city green space in London. I couldn't help thinking that it would be a good model for some of Edinburgh's abandoned sites - and yes, I'm looking at you Haymarket!

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