Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bridge On The River Why?

Photo by !Lauriin

Listening to Brian Taylor's Big Debate on Radio Scotland last Friday was quite instructive. A Question Time-style "panel" programme, last week it came from Fife and the topic of the replacement Forth Road Bridge came up.

Unfortunately, panellist after panellist repeated the government mantra that "the bridge is falling down, and even if it isn't business needs a new one".

The lone voice in the audience who was opposed to the bridge was given short shrift when he suggested it was more cost-effective to repair the existing bridge.

"But think of the disruption during the repair works!" was the cry.

Less than a week later, it has emerged that the disruption during the repair works may just amount to four long weekends.

In contrast, building a new bridge will disrupt traffic daily for three and a half years!

If my commute involved the Forth Road Bridge, I know which one I'd rather have.

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