Monday, August 24, 2009

Developer Seems To Know Nothing Of Trams

Edinburgh's forthcoming new tram network isn't exactly a secret - half of the city centre has been dug up in the last 12 months. Hell, the roadworks even appear in Google Street View!

So if you were building a new hotel on Leith Walk, one of the main tram routes, then you would maybe know something about them, right?


Well, maybe not. The developer who has proposed the hotel at the Shrubhill site seems to have made a number of glaring errors in their planning application, as highlighted by the Leith Business Association.

Firstly, they expect coaches to stop outside their hotel on Leith Walk. With the trams running, this will completely block all traffic on the street, which is why the council are going to be banning traffic from stopping.

Of course, not all hotel residents arrive by coach. A lot arrive by car, so they'll be expecting parking at the hotel. They'll be disappointed. Hotel staff will inform patrons to park at Greenside, half a mile uphill. Yeah, that's going to happen. The hotel guests will just park in the streets taking local resident's spaces.

What of the railway line which runs down one side of the site? The developers seem to have unilaterally turned this into "a green, potential cycle and walkway route". News to Network Rail, no doubt.

Meanwhile, they don't seem to have allowed for the street being widened somewhat for the trams, so the shops which will be at street level will have very little pavement in front of them.

So with so much thinking having gone into this development, the hotel will look spectacular, won't it? Well, no. It's a sandstone block...

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