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Green In The Media 20th April - 26th April

Doctor Who doesn't know what's going on with the bees, so I'm not entirely sure Martha Kearney can work it out. You can watch her efforts on Thursday evening.

Monday 20th April

On: Sky3
Time: 06:00 to 07:00
We review organic supermarkets... and aphrodisiacs.

The Food Programme
On: BBC Radio Four
Time: 16:00 to 16:30
From farm gate to the school plate and to the high-end restaurant menu, Sheila Dillon looks at the farmers' co-operative that is supplying quality organic produce from Essex.

Costing the Earth
On: BBC Radio Four
Time: 21:00 to 21:30
Virtual Warming.
Using your computer for business, socialising online shopping and leisure saves massive amounts of energy, doesn't it? But do you ever stop to think where all that stuff we post on Facebook, You Tube and all over the web is actually stored? The answer is in dataprocessing warehouses the size of football fields, strung together by fat cables and inside which air-conditioning fans cool rows of computing servers 24 hours a day. Far from being low energy, the expanding digital cloud is really an enormous web of steel, silicon and concrete. Technology analysts estimate that the manufacture, use and disposal of ICT equipment contribute around 2 per cent of global emissions of carbon dioxide, about the same as aviation. As the use of ICT grows, its emissions are likely to increase despite improvements in efficiency. The programme finds out how it works and why the City of London is running out of power for its IT use.

Thursday 23rd April

One Planet
On: BBC World Service Radio
Time: 10:30 to 11:00 (Also 1630, 2030, 0130, Sat 2035, Sun 2335)
The programme that explores the biggest issues in global development and the environment.

Live Energy and Climate Change Questions
On: BBC Parliament
Time: 10:30 to 11:30 (Also 0100, 0330. If you're insomniac)
Live coverage of questions in the House of Commons to Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband and his team of ministers.

Costing the Earth
On: BBC Radio Four
Time: 13:30 to 14:00
Obama's Green Dream.
Tom Heap asks whether political and vested interests will shatter President Obama's dream of leading the United States and the world towards a greener future. Obama campaigned for a low-carbon economy and as soon as he came to power he set about laying the foundations for one. He wants to create green jobs in traditional industries like car making - electric cars of course - and construction, making American homes and offices more energy efficient. His biggest challenge will be to wean the country off its dependence on fossil fuels and make 'clean' energy profitable. For that he needs to bring in a system called carbon cap and trade and needs the support of senators and members of congress to do so. However, even members of his own party are reluctant to back what they see as a vote-losing policy and energy companies with investments in coal, gas and oil are lobbying hard against it. Can the President prevail?

Who Killed the Honey Bee?
On: BBC 4
Time: 21:00 to 22:00 (Also 2330, Sun 2200)
With an affliction dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder wiping out bees worldwide, Martha Kearney explores the terrifying implications of their possible extinction and the loss of their most vital service to nature, pollination, without which global food production would collapse. The threat to keepers, farmers and our food supply is acute and growing, and yet the cause of this 'Marie Celeste syndrome' that causes bees to flee their hives remains a mystery.

Sunday 26th April

On: BBC 1
Time: 19:00 to 20:00
John Craven investigates why fishing quotas mean that for every cod we eat, another is thrown back dead into the sea.

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