Monday, August 11, 2008

My Olympic Confession

Photo by angus_mac_123

I often
boast about my low level of energy usage, so I guess I should fess up when I'm using more than I normally would. I'm going to blame China.

Since the Olympics started on Friday, my TV has been on during the day as I channel-hop between sports, often watching a couple of events at the same time. As well as that, my PC is on in the corner so that I can keep up with the latest news and occasionally watch an event that is not being televised.

I dread to think just how this is affecting my power statistics, but I have a funny feeling that I'm not going to come even close to my Personal Best!


stewartbremner said...

Would that personal best involve Civ2, The X-Files and a electric bar heater, by chance?

Despairing said...

I like to get Gillian Anderson involved whenever I can!