Saturday, February 09, 2008

Has Spring Sprung?

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in downtown Edinburgh, so I took myself off to the Farmer's Market for a leisurely stroll around the stalls (and to spend a fortune!)

While there, I heard quite a few people commenting about the weather. The BBC says it is 11C (51F), but it feels a lot warmer. I guess it's all relative - 11C would feel close to freezing if the last few days had been in the 20s!

One woman asked a stallholder if the weather had affected his growing cycles, but he was rather non-committal and offhandish with her. I can only imagine it would, with shorter winter growing times leading to fewer sprouts, turnips and squashes. This would in turn affect the way we eat. I can imagine fewer soups being made and consumed, which is a pity since it's about the only thing I make well!

The 5-day forecast shows the temperature dipping back to 7C but with it being sunny, and given that my living room faces south and catches all the sun's rays I'm wondering if it's time to switch the storage heater off completely. It was turned down a couple of notches last week. I shall ponder further...

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