Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Consumer For A Day

I was forced to turn myself into a consumer (bleurgh) this afternoon, heading into the dreaded Princes Street to run the gauntlet of its corporate-induced fantasies.

Actually, I despise clothes shopping so that particular part of the day was a hit-and-run affair, getting what I needed and exiting the store before the assistant could tell me to have a nice day. What I can't resist, though, is a bookstore. All that hard-backed mind-expanding goodness nestling with the soft-backed secret treats. I'm always determined that I'm buying nothing when I enter a bookstore "just to browse", but most of the time I fail miserably. Except today. I wandered around with the mantra "Must resist Enough...must resist Enough..." whirling in my head, despite the attempts by Waterstones to lure me into purchasing the coveted book by putting it in three different sections.

It's like it was calling to me...

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