Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where Did You Get Your Tan?

I'm back to despairing again!

This morning, one of my colleagues was regaling the assembled masses in the mess room (me and two others) about how he had spent all day yesterday installing new lights in his bedroom. They were of the downlighting/halogen type, each one 50W, and he had installed...ten of them.

Yes, you read that right, he now has 500W of lighting in his bedroom. To go with the six he installed in the bathroom last week.

My chin hit the table when he got to the next bit, though. During the summer, he decided to install some outside his house, hidden in the eaves. When I say "some", I mean twenty-two.

Yep, 22.

That's 1100W of lights on the outside of his house for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I wonder if he's a danger to planes landing at the airport?

Tell you what, though. Next holiday I have I'm going to go stand outside his house. My tan will be amazing!

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