Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Slightly Different Planet Saving List

After yesterday's anti-halloween rant-that-wasn't-really-a-rant, I'll get back on to all things green. But not before updating you on the fact that despite her preparations, Deerd didn't get one kid coming to her door last night. I may have to fight her daughter Cat for the sherbet dib-dabs.

I've said before that the numerous lists that abound in the green blogosphere turn me off, but then I'm not always the intended target. All my lightbulbs are already CFLs, thank you very much, and I walk almost everywhere instead of taking the car. They're meant for those who are just starting on a green path, and wondering what they can do either short or long term, or for those looking for inspiration.

Here's a different kind of list, though. The Environment Agency asked 25 leading experts to come up with 5 ways each of what they consider to be the best policies, products, agreements and techno-fixes for the planet. The agency then ranked them into a Top 50 and has published them in their magazine. You can find the pdf here.

I won't give away what is at number one on the list, but if I tell you that 'better cars' only makes No 22 then you may raise a quizzical eyebrow. There's some things I've never considered before - artificial ice floes to replace the arctic ones which have melted - as well as the more mundane - put a jumper on.

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