Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty little secret, an itch which will be scratched again tonight, and I'm finally going to confess.

I like Top Gear.

I realise this revelation could get me thrown out of the Green Person's Club so let me explain. I see Top Gear as escapist entertainment, one where you forget for an hour that the planet is screwed. The vast majority of the 8 million viewers that the programme gets are not going to immediately buy the latest gas-guzzler from Maserati , nor do they believe every word that comes from Jeremy Clarkson's mouth. They're merely wanting an hour of giggling at the stupidity of the team as they try to race an RAF jet or play football with some Aygos.

Mind you, I would quite like to get my hands on one of these.

Normal greenery will resume around 9pm tonight!


stewart bremner said...

I feel like is should lend support here and admit that i, too, (shamefully) enjoy Top Gear. It's a good piece of tele. Although not having owned a tv for over a year now, i shan't be watching it again. Does that make me somehow greener?

Despairing said...

No, as we all know that you will wait for it to be uploaded and then you only have to pretend to not watch things.
Seen Bionic Woman yet??!

stewart bremner said...

Not yet. Have seen an ad (on paper) for it. Something in it caught my eye… Any good?

kethry said...

(at the meeting of TGA - Top Gear Anonymous).. *raises hand, shamefully*... my name is keth, and i'm a topgear lover too.

*sits down, heart thumping, cheeks blushing*